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General Description

The JOB – Junior Officer Basic course is a Customs induction course used as an onboarding tool for new Customs Officers. It was written in 1994 and have been used within regional customs administrations for more almost 25 years in a class room environment.

The course covers the following modules:

The following course topics are covered by the JOB course

Module1 – Customs Overview
Module2 – Communication
Module3 – Legislation
Module 4- Prohibitions and Restrictions
Module5 – Initial Processing
Module6 – Situation Diffusion
Module7 – Cargo Reporting and Processes
Module8 – Risk Assessment
Module9 – Conducting Vessel and Aircraft Search
Module10 – Assessment and Selection of Passengers
Module11 – Drug Identification
Module12 – Passenger and Bag Search
Module13 – Arrest, Detention and Seizure



The eLearning Curriculum Developer / Media Expert will be responsible for working with the Customs Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and CCLEC staff on the design and re-development of new course content both online and in-classroom, developing eLearning curriculum and layouts often includes writing detailed storyboards, scripts, and manuals for participants and facilitators, as well as embedding presentations, media, and course delivery structure to the courses.

Reporting to the PS CCLEC, the Curriculum Developer will:

  • Collaborate with CCLEC subject matter experts and other team members to build course outlines, storyboards and develop content delivery on the Moodle eLearning platform using built in tools.
  • Act as development lead to produce online learning as stand-alone products as part of a blended learning approach.
  • Improve older or outdated courses with new design and interactivity.
  • Analyze learning needs and partners with subject matter experts to provide input for course content. Provide feedback on module scripts. Determine sequence and structure of learning content.
  • Work with management to ensure course materials are current and relevant to training needs.