Dominica Customs and Excise Division Announces TradeStream’s Pilot

ROSEAU, Dominica — The Customs and Excise Division, together with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Digitised Solutions Ltd., is thrilled to unveil the pilot phase of TradeStream – Dominica. The platform promises to be a game-changer, offering a multi-agency collaborative workflow that optimizes the import licence procedure and Plant Quarantine cargo inspection at Roseau, Dominica’s main cargo port. Further enhancing user experience, the platform integrates with the Government of Dominica’s online payment service to enable hassle-free payment of Customs Taxes and other services offered on TradeStream.


About the Multi-Agency Collaborative Pilot Phase:

The pilot phase is setting new benchmarks in efficiency and collaboration:

  1. Import Licence Procedure for the Ministry of Trade: Streamlines the multi-agency application, review, and approval process for import licenses.
  2. Plant Quarantine Cargo Inspection at Roseau Port: Accelerates cargo inspection and release by interconnecting various agencies involved in the process.
  3. Integration with Government’s Online Payment Service: Facilitates easy online payment for Customs Taxes and services from other participating agencies, making the entire trade process more user-friendly and efficient.