Success Achieved in Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council’s Junior Officer Basic Course

In a significant milestone for customs administration in the Caribbean, 66 students representing St. Vincent, Anguilla, Antigua, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Montserrat participated in the Junior Officer Basic Course, organized by the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC).

The course, designed to elevate the skills and expertise of customs officers, saw remarkable achievements. Led by industry experts, the program delved into crucial facets of customs administration, encompassing regulations, enforcement methodologies, and industry best practices.

Among the notable accomplishments were the conferral of three distinction awards, highlighting outstanding performance. Two of these prestigious honors were secured by participants from St. Vincent, with one student from Jamaica earning recognition.

An impressive passing rate of 80% further underscored the effectiveness of the intensive training regimen. Participants, drawn from diverse backgrounds, enriched the learning environment with their varied perspectives and experiences, engaging in interactive sessions to gain comprehensive insights into the intricacies of customs enforcement and collaborative strategies.