Este informe de inteligencia abarca las Regiones del caribe perteneciente al CCALA. Se hará hincapié en los eventos y actividades más importantes, de los grupos del crimen organizado que buscan operar en la región y poner en peligro la industria legítima, incursionando en el contrabando de mercancías. La oficina JIO/RILO es el punto focal de inteligencia y reportará eventos significativos de manera oportuna. Este informe estará sub-dividido de acuerdo al tipo de incautación.


Operation Carnival : Report (2015)

At the 2015 CCLEC conference, various thematic areas were agreed on to formulate a 2015/2016 WorkPlan to co-ordinate and implement region led operational exercises. As part of the work plan, one recommendation was a coordinated regional exercise focused on the examination of empty shipping containers being loaded and offloaded as well as those in the port / dock areas.

Lowest reported drug seizures at airports since 2012: New statistics from the Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 16.06.2015 – Unveiled at a meeting organised by the Council of Europe’s drug policy experts (The Pompidou Group) new statistics indicate the lowest number of drug seizures at airports on passengers and in airfreight since 2012.

Statistics indicate seizure data for 40 countries in 2014: 3,657 drug seizures accounting for a total quantity of 17,014 kg: 7% cases less reported than in 2013, with the total seizure quantity decreasing by 19% compared to 2013. Seizures in 2014 were lower compared to 2012 (4,737 reported cases and 18,153 kg in quantity).

In 2014, the Netherlands submitted the highest number of drug seizures (1,316 cases) and the highest total quantity of drugs (3,103 kg). In terms of numbers of seizures, Spain came in second with 560 cases and Germany in third, with 527. In terms of quantity, Norway was second, with 2,586 kg and Belgium third, with 2,279 kg.

The number of seizures of cocaine captured the largest share (74%), followed by psychotropic substances (11%), khat (6%), heroin (6%), marihuana (2%) and hashish (1%). In terms of quantity, khat was dominant (56%), followed by cocaine (29%), marihuana (5%), psychotropic substances (5%), hashish (3%) and heroin (2%).

The Germany-based Regional Intelligence Liaison Office for Western Europe (RILO) compiled the statistics upon request from The Pompidou Group and they are based on information on drug and cash seizures at airports in selected countries, as extracted from the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) and taken from seizure information provided by participating states.

Media are invited to a briefing on Tuesday 16 June at 1.30 p.m. in Room 8 of the Palais de l’Europe where a RILO representative can take questions on the statistics.

The Strasbourg meeting from 16-18 June gathers 93 customs and law enforcement officers from 39 countries and nine international organisations cooperating with Airports group (Co-operation Group of Drug Control Services at European Airports and in General Aviation), which is a part of the Pompidou Group. This year marks the 30th annual Airports Group meeting, which is closed to the press to maintain confidentiality over new methods to fight drug trafficking at airports.